Thank you for your interest in volunteering with KITES. Join us as we work

together, to give every American child the opportunity to succeed in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We believe that students learn best by doing. Be the extra pair of hands that we
need to “do” exciting, high-quality evidence-based STEM programs with a diverse
and talented group of Atlanta’s school children.

We need volunteers to,

A) Act as facilitators/mentors

Do science/engineering experiments in after-school programs

Bring real-world science experience to program participants

B) Assist us in raising funds by,

Identifying potential grants. We would particularly appreciate individuals
with grant-writing expertise to join our team.

Identifying and contacting corporations willing to include KITES in their
annual corporate philanthropy programs

Planning and implementing fundraising events

C) Help in the execution of KITES events, such as the KITES Science and Engineering
Festival and KITES Family Science Nights.


No fundraising events are being planned at this time.


Internship Program

Are you interested in inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals? An excellent way to help achieve this goal is to provide internships to underrepresented students. If you can help in this way, please contact us here.


We are looking for corporations to work with us to develop initiatives to help
promote STEM education.


Colleges and Universities

We are looking for researchers who are willing to make their labs accessible to Junior High and High School underrepresented students who are interested in science and engineering. We would like for all kids to have the opportunity to be exposed to the processes of scientific inquiry and discovery. If you truly believe that science is fascinating, consider opening your lab once a year to a child who’s eager to learn more about science and engineering. If you can help in this way, please contact us here.